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Randy is an elder at the Lake Jackson Church of Christ in Lake Jackson, TX.


Randy is the proud owner and operator of his family bakery "I Knead Thee Every Hour". Randy's baking journey began as a donut shop, but after just a few weeks he said he was tired of the hole thing. So he began specializing in made-from-scratch scones, cookies and cakes. His nimble fingers and steady hands have allowed him to master the most intricate techniques for decorating cakes and cookies. He has studied with some of the world's finest pastry chefs and bakers in France, Italy, Germany and New Mexico. When asked why he wanted to be a baker, Randy said, "I'm in it for the dough."  When the right time rises, Randy plans to expand the bakery to include a state-of-the-art learning institute called "Batter Up" that will combine courses in baking and baseball.

When he's not at the bakery, you can find Randy playing a game of 42 with his faithful dog, Duke, or volunteering his time at local stores returning shopping carts to their rightful place. 

Words of Wisdom from Randy:

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique...

just like everyone else."


Wes is the Youth & Family Minister at the Lake Jackson Church of Christ in Lake Jackson, TX.

Wes is a profound writer and author. Some of his greatest works include "Steve Jobs" (a series of short stories about guys named Steve and the jobs that they hold), "The Bat Man" (an exhilarating look at the lives of bat removal experts), and "Moore Stories" (the shocking tell all biography of the world-famous baker, Randy Moore). Wes has a way with words that captures and engages his readers. When asked why he pursued writing as a career, Wes said, "I think it might could be the goodness of words I am able to make sharable with peoples so that reading can be funner and learning happens most bestly and clearestly when it can be understood so good." Wes is currently working on a biochemistry mystery novel, "The Element of Surprise", and a sci-fi thriller about an intergalactic grammar teacher entitled "Metaphors Be With You." 

When he's not writing, Wes likes to look for needles in haystacks and is always on the look out for vintage candy canes, as long as they are in mint condition.

He is also a part time DJ.


Words of Wonder from Wes:

"If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?"

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