Randy is an elder at the Lake Jackson Church of Christ in Lake Jackson, TX.


Randy is a retired rodeo clown. For nearly 40 years he protected some of the greatest bull riders in the country. His quickness and agility are unmatched by any other clown. When asked why he finally decided to retire, Randy said, "I'm just tired of getting bullied."

In his years of retirement, Randy has focused his efforts on yard work, learning origami, yoga instruction, and perfecting his charcuterie board skills.

Randy believes that garden gnomes are the most sophisticated yard decor.  

Words of wisdom from Randy:

“There are more airplanes in the water than there are submarines in the sky.”


Wes is the Youth & Family Minister at the Lake Jackson Church of Christ in Lake Jackson, TX.

Wes is an avid snail watcher. He is fascinated with their fast-paced lifestyle. Wes thinks that observing snails has really encouraged him to come out of his shell. He said he is also shocked at their aggressive behavior. When asked what he does when two snails fight, Wes said, "Nothing. I let them slug it out."

Wes enjoys laughing until he cries and hopes someday to become a pirate and change his name to Captain Barry D. Treasure.

He is also quite fond of bagpipe music.


Words of wisdom from Wes:

“Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.

That way, you’ll be a mile from them, and you’ll have their shoes.”